Shop 48H
Shop 48 HR is a new CAEM service for the immediate collection of goods readily available off our warehouse in Via Volta, 52010, Subbiano, Arezzo (AR), Italy.
The quantities shown are available at the time of sending this document to us.
Delays in counter signing our order confirmation may result in some product’s unavailability.
We will make the goods available for collection within the next two working days from receipt of your order confirmation.

How does it work:
- Input required quantities
- Fill in company name and your Email address
- Click SEND
- Do you have an Account at CAEM?
   • If YES, you will receive order confirmation that you have to sign back quickly
   • If NO, you will be contacted to open an account and to confirm the order
- Come to collect the goods at the date shown in the order confirmation
   • If you fail to collect the good, CAEM will issue the invoice after 5 days.

Price: +4% on top of your price with CAEM.
Code Description QtaAvail QtaOrder
101#09148CR903 Upright TN9 H=148cm Paint (Standard) New White 51
101#09172CR903 Upright TN9 H=172cm Paint (Standard) New White 27
101#09192CR903 Upright TN9 H=192cm Paint (Standard) New White 27
101#09216CR903 Upright TN9 H=216cm Paint (Standard) New White 54
101#09236CR903 Upright TN9 H=236cm Paint (Standard) New White 54
101B#A9003 Cap for Upright White Pvc 222
101B#B9003 Cap PVC for Base White Pvc 354
103#01630CR903 Base TN H=16 L=30 Paint. New White 99
103#01640CR903 Base TN H=16 L=40 Paint. New White 93
103#01650CR903 Base TN H=16 L=50 Paint. New White 99
103#01660CR903 Base TN H=16 L=60 Paint. New White 99
120#024065PR903 Backpanel Plain H=24cm P=65cm Plast New White 43
120#024100PR903 Backpanel Plain H=24cm P=100cm Plast New White 94
120#024120PR903 Backpanel Plain H=24cm P=120cm Plast New White 25
120#024133PR903 Backpanel Plain H=24cm P=133cm Plast New White 45
120#044065PR903 Backpanel Plain H=44cm P=65cm Plast New White 108
120#044100PR903 Backpanel Plain H=44cm P=100cm Plast New White 339
120#044120PR903 Backpanel Plain H=44cm P=120cm Plast New White 90
120#044133PR903 Backpanel Plain H=44cm P=133cm Plast New White 234
120F#K044100PR903 Backpanel Perf 1mm H=44 P=100 Plas New White 28
120F#K044120PR903 Backpanel Perf 1mm H=44 P=120 Plas New White 36
120F#K044133PR903 Backpanel Perf 1mm H=44 P=133 Plas New White 27
140#15065PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=15cm P=65cm Plast New White 90
140#15100PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=15cm P=100cm Plast New White 352
140#15120PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=15cm P=120cm Plast New White 135
140#20065PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=20cm P=65cm Plast New White 45
140#20100PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=20cm P=100cm Plast New White 352
140#20120PR903 Shelf Plank MULTI L=20cm P=120cm Plast New White 135
142#2315CR903 Bracket 2 notches 3P L=15 Paint. New White 18
142#2320CR903 Bracket 2 notches 3P L=20 Paint. New White 0
142#2330CR903 Bracket 2 notches 3P L=30 Paint. New White 0
142#3240CR903 Bracket 3 notches 2P L=40 Paint. New White 540
142#3250CR903 Bracket 3 notches 2P L=50 Paint. New White 0
142#4260CR903 Bracket 4 notches 2 Positions L=60 Paint. New White 90
171C#016065CR903 Kicker ('A'/'Z') H=16 P=65cm Paint. New White 27
171C#016100CR903 Kicker ('A'/'Z') H=16 P=100cm Paint. New White 131
171C#016120CR903 Kicker ('A'/'Z') H=16 P=120 Paint. New White 45
171C#016133CR903 Kicker ('A'/'Z') H=16 P=133 Paint. New White 45

Code Description QtaAvail +7 +14 +21 +28 +84 QtaOrder Details
C01#A003100K9998 Riser Wire MULTI H=3cm P=100cm Chrome Chrome 66 0 0 0 0 0
C01#A003120K9998 Riser Wire MULTI H=3cm P=120cm Chrome Chrome 53 0 0 0 0 0
C01#A003133K9998 Riser Wire MULTI H=3cm P=133cm Chrome Chrome 42 0 0 0 0 0
C01#B008100K9998 Riser Wire MULTI VG H=8cm P=100cm Chrome Chrome 71 0 0 0 0 0
C01#B008120K9998 Riser Wire MULTI VG H=8cm P=120cm Chrome Chrome 10 0 0 0 0 0
C01#B008133K9998 Riser Wire MULTI VG H=8cm P=133cm Chrome Chrome 742 0 0 0 0 0
C05#A016030K9998 Divider Wire MULTI H=16cm P=30cm Chrome Chrome 357 0 0 0 0 0
C05#A016032K9998 Divider Wire MULTI H=16cm P=32cm Chrome 0 0 0 0 0 0
C05#A016040K9998 Divider Wire MULTI H=16cm P=40cm Chrome Chrome 86 0 0 0 0 0
C05#A016050K9998 Divider Wire MULTI H=16cm P=50cm Chrome Chrome 22 0 0 0 0 0

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